Almost out of this hell-hole.

Helooooooooooooooo!!!! I have half an hour to go before check in, cool! I’m so happy!!! this first class flying is waaaaaaaaay much easier, it’s fantastic man!!!I can shop till like 5 minutes before the plain actually leaves because we get like a lot of privileges and stuff. That’s just soooo cool!
Oh, and i also called my agency to complain about the incapability of Esther, the make up girl, you know,i think it’s very important to give positive feedback whenever it is necessary, but i’m not a liar, so i couldn’t act as if everything had been fine, you know, i’m super professional and i like to be surrounded by pro’s too, coz when you work your ass of like me, that’s just veeery important! so i told everything to Guy, my personal booker and he told me he would never put me on a job again with her! So nice of him, you know, to understand this shit and stuff, i love him so much, he’s  the best booker i’ve ever had!! ( Hey, Vic,Sam,Françoise and Lulu, i love you too guys, i was just talking about my Mother agency, no worries, u guys and girls are the best too ;))
Anyway, i am leaving you guys here, i have 15 minutes left to shop and i AB SO LOU TELY need to buy this 8hour cream for my lips and some body cream or i won’t survive the trip!


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