I’m sorry i didn’t write the last 3 days, but i was just so tired! the Purple party was awesome, everybody was there: Claudia, Linda, Naomi and Christy represented the “oude garde”, as we say;)))), and all teh tops of my  (way younger generation) were there too:  Hanne, Anouck, Veronica,  and so on….I drank way too much champagne, like 5 glasses in stead of my usual 3!!!! My eyes were completely puffy and super red when i woke up the next morning, i had to use me emergency rescue cream on my whole face!!!! Hope you don’t read this, Guy, i know……i usually only use a few drops, but this time i needed its so badly 😉 i promise i won’t have to use it anymore for the coming weeks, i swear i’ll go to bed early in Hawai!……hihi, Guy thinks this cream causes skin problems, but i’m sure it doesn’t….it’s totally oragnic with fairtrade sheabutter and stuff, it just can’t be bad for you!!!! everybody’s taking it, so!!!!!
So here i am now, the last evening of my supershort Hawai stay, and more than happy to leave….the re-shoot was a piece of cake, i could choose my own make up coz Annabel was there to do my skin and she’s like the ebst of the best!!! Pat and Peter, eat your heart out!!!! She’s always super nice to me, that’s why i asked to work with her there, you know, she’s also into this indian medicine cards and knows tarot like no one else!!!! it’s just so cool to travel with her, she also read The Secret and so we talk about that book for hours and hours in the plane and on the way to the locations and stuff like that, it’s great to have someone like her around, you know, when you’re always gone from home, it’s soooo important to have nice people around you, i mean, it’s like they give you energy and stuff and that’s veeeeeeery important!
She also makes me laugh coz she ‘s into this new karmareading interiordesign thing, but i’m not sure it’s as effective as my good old feng shui, you know….you should see her, always changing the furniture of the hotelroom in the completely wron,g way, and then i have to re-do it everytime, coz she wakes up with headaches the first day!!! hihi, that’s so cute, she is so naive and believes all this things people write in books and all!!!! Hey Annabel,don’t get mad at me, okay, i wrote this coz i really really love u ok, i think you’re great the way you are, just stay like that!!!!!!
Gotta go to bed, i forgot my favourite candles in Paris, so i wanted to buy some over here, but believe me, this country is like soooooooooooo not up with us, i mean, it’s like they still live in 2006 or so, i just couldn’t find any nice candle all over Waikiki!!!! The only thing they had were this cheap, fake natural but oooh so chemical FRUIT smelling ones. Can you imagine? a FRUIT smelling candle????? OMG, i thought i would collapse when i entered the 5the shop…..Djee, can you believe that? I bet they make you asthmatic and all!!!!
Luckily i found some organic incense instead, which is not the same, i know, but at least it’s sandalwood, and that reminds me a bit of home too (i use sometimes it in my bathroom to relax when i take a bath….)
Tomorrow i’ll fly back to Paris wher i will take the Thalys to Amsterdam the next day, i have a super important casting and some go and sees to do since i changed agencies and the new one works with a lot of clients i haven’t met yet….so these are my plans for the coming days, i think i will stay in Holland for 2 days and then take 1 day off in Paris. I’ll be like so completely exhausted that i will need a good day of rest!!!! I’m not exactely looking forward to go to Amsterdam, i f*ing hate that city, but hey, i feel really positive and strong after yesterday’s meditationsession with Annabel….yeah!!!! i’m gonna get the job in Amsterdam, i just know it!!!!!!!
Yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!!
oooh, it’s so nice to feel like this again, thank you Annabel, i looooooooove u!!!
bye bye peeps!


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