Just arrived in my hotelroom here in Amsterdam….not exactely the best room they had, as you can see below!!! It’s actually more like a bed and breakfast, but since i’m here for a casting and some go and sees, i have to pay the stay myself, and that means just a little and affordable room in stead of my usual 5 star suites 😉
Yesterday i told you that i hated Amsterdam, but actually there’s one thing i looooove about it: they are fabulous reform stores in town!!!!!!! So in between 2 clients i’ll quickly jump in there to buy my favourite  chinese green tea….ooh and mum, i’ll make sure to buy you some of that wrinkle serum i bought here last time, you know, the one from that whole earth range they only sell in that little shop on the Rozengracht….
I’m off for the moment, i ‘m not going to take a taxi to go and see the new clients, so i still have to go to the bike rentalstore (i use Ron Rental’s, they’re the most reliable in this whole stupid city!!!) which is a few streets from here!
bye bye sweeties, i’ll write some more later tonight…..i’m not planning on going out coz i uploaded my special J.M.Jarre relaxation tunes and i’m really looking forward to have a cozy little night on my own…reading,relaxing and…..blogging, of course!
Hop, off i go, wish me luck….i’m having that veeeeeery important casting and my booker told me the castingdirector is a rather difficult person.
héhé, but i’m armed, got my “bible” with me!!!!


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