An emotional roller coaster day. Again.

I’m already feeling muuuuuch better, i called Guy again and he told me that guy does that ALL THE TIME!!!!! can you believe it?  all the time!!! he did the same to Caro last week, she came all the way from berlin just to do a casting at his studio and what does that no-good redneck do? Right: he makes her cry!!!!!! And not just the Parisian way of making girls cry, no no no…..he did it the AMERICAN way!!!!And that’s just a thousand times more cruel tha just focussing on the body, as the french like to do, you know,the  americans always play on your age man…i mean….everybody lies about their age. litterally everyone…that’s just how it goes. that’s what it means to be a model. you are simply never your age. and everybody is supposed to play along!! ( apart from the russian newcomers, they never have to lie coz the’re really only 15!)So of course i fill in 21 instead of 26 on the castingsheet!!! helloooooo, that’s absolutely allright!!!  And that Antoine or what his name might be begins to tell all kind of nasty age related things, you know, i’m not even sure i remember all of them coz they were so horrible!! Ifelt so bad when i left the studio, that i ordered a cab to go straight to my B&B….i was compmletely upset, so i took a long bath and i cancelled the go sees!
Luckily today i feel a lot better, i also talked to my mum who always has the right words to make me feel good again. Danku mamake, da had ik echt nodig jong!!!
And now i’ll stop talking about Antoine….although i just can’t believe the things he sais to Caro…. what the hell was he thinking when he told her she should consider looking for a new job? I mean, Caro????? the super top of tops? THE body with a face? What the hell does he think he is? Caro???? Unsuitable for the job? She would just be perfect for ANY kind of job,believe me! He is actually also the guy who caused Josy’s eating disorder!!! telling a 15 year old to eat watermelon the whole day because it so called cleanses the body????That’s just unimaginable, isn’t it….but that were my booker’s words,and i know Guy, he would never tell a lie….although it’s so hard to believe, i mean, everybody knows you have to be careful with watermelons! the’re full of bacteria and they cause severe diahrrea!!! poor girl, she must have felt terrible after eating only watermelon the whole week….i know the “fruit is good” is a lie, i mean, a lot of fruits contain waaaaaaaaaaay to much sugar and are a no no for us, models, but telling someone to concentrate on only one kind of them is sooooooooooo wrong!!! I bet he’s a super frustrated sexless gay, jealous for not having made it in the real fashion world and thus obliged to become “castingdirector”…. please, gimme a break, he will not be into this scene much longer, i tell you he has some seriously bad karma;;;what goes around comes around! How dare he disencourage us and make us feel FFU? (fat, formless and ugly) Doesn’t he realise it takes a lot of effort to be pro, fit and friendly all the time? does he really think you can easily rebuild a bruised ego?
ooooh, i really gotta stop talking i mean writing, about him! He already spoiled my night yesterday, he ain’t going to spoil today too!!
haha, but i’m happy i told you guys all about him, the whole world should know what a creep he is!!!
ooh and thank you for letting me moan about this accident, i feel sooo relieved, i mean, i really really really needed to let it out of my system!
hop, i’m ready for some go and sees….oooh shit, it’s already 9.3O, gotta goooooooooooooooooooooooooo


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