Home sweet home. Almost.

Gisternavond na de shoot direct in slaap gevallen(jet laaaag!!!) en geen tijd gehad om het hier ewa gezellig te maken…OOOps, i’m doin it again, i’m soo sorry, i keep on writing in flemish,it’s because of the jetlag i swear, i’m so exhausted i can’t even think in english anymore…but i’ll do my best! i promise…..
so where was i, oh yes….my hotelroom.. i know i’ll stay only for 3 days, but i just HAVE to personalise my room…i do it all the time you know, i ju!st need to have my stuff around me…as i’m travelling all over the world all the time, i’m always in need of some comfy homey feeling, you know what i mean? It’s super important for me, i would go berzerk if i couldn’t put my personal accessoires in my room! soI just came in quickly between two pictures and put my picture frames on top of my nachtkastje, close to my bed…i put them on the table right before that, but that felt so wrong, it was completely not feng shui coz it made me feel a little out of touch, so i changed their position and it really felt muuuuch better after that. Good vibes galore!!!Then i put ouit my little buddha, you know the one withe the elephant head and put my four scented candles around it….


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