I feel down.

Djee, had to wake up soooooooooooo early today coz of this stupid extensions i had to get out….i’m sure the make up artist (pffffffff, artist, my ass!) used the wrong glue to fix them, coz i just couldn’t get them out normally!!! can u imagine, i had to use oil from the hotel to get them out, and normally i use only pure almond oil with a few drops of lavender essentials, you know…my hair is extremely precious to me and it gets so fluffy if i use normal oil!!! But the almond oil just didn’t work, the extension glue was waaaaaaaaaaaaay to strong, so here i am, with a head stinking of this cheap brazilian motor oil, aaargh, i feel terrible!!! I have a plane to catch in 2 hours, but i can’t go out like this, can I?
ooh, i wish i was home now, i’m so sick and tired of being treated like shit all the time…i miss my mum soooooo much :(((((((((
it’s all so unfair: here i am, in this stupid hotelroom in Rio, with greasy hair and puffy eyes of all the crying….what am i supposed to do now?
ooh i’m sorry guys, i know i should be happy and gratefull ans stuff like that, you know, Brazil is beautiful, i know and shooting with Terry is awesome, but sometimes it’s all just too much!
anyway, i gotta start packing, the chauffeur will be here soon….wish me a good trip,it’s a long way from here to Paris you know….if i find some time i’ll get back at you in the airport,okay? i’ll try to be in better spirits then 😉


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