I hate castings.

The castings went terribly wrong yesterday, i got so lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know, it’s stupid, but it wasn’t my fault! Guy sent me the adresses on my i phone, but i had no access to my mails, so i had to call the agency for the right streetnames but Guy had already left and so i had his assistent, but his english is so bad, you know, like real french people’s english, just not understandable at all! So i got an adress which sounded like the real adress, but wasn’t the real adress, u see?
Anyway, i arrived more than 1 hour late, and the client was totally pissed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope i will still get the job, it’s a super commercial (i know, i told you guys last week that i hate doing commercial work, but this time it’s difefrent, it’s like with a great great GREAT artist….no, i’m not gonna tell you who it is, i’ll let you know when the job’s confirmed….IF it gets confirmed….ooooh please please please, let me have it and not some other girl!!!!! please guys, cross you fingers!!!!!)
anyway, it’s a commercial and it’s shot in Bali!!!!!! I just love Bali and i have’nt been there this year, so i think i really deserve it!! I swear, it’s a fan tas tic place, it’s just perfect for meditatio between 2 shoots, you know….I always ask to go to the same resort, they have the best hotel ever ever there!!!!! I just love Australia!!! it’s so weird, no…..i mean, they are australian and still not everybody understands english there! You have a lot of immigrants everywhere these days….
Anyway, i’m so excited, i really WANT the job, i simply need to go to that dream resort again! hmmmmmmmmmmm, i remember the delicious food (everything low fat!!!!), great fruits, their fantastic spa and their fabulous fitness!!!!! ooooh, i can’t wait for the answer to come, OMG!!!!!!!!!
I’ll call Carlos, my trainer this afternoon, because if i have the job, i gotta look better than ever, so i need some additional exercises…..
Anyow, i’m in a super hurry, i’m meeting mum for lunch today, and i have to go to the agency afterwards, to get all my details for next weeks job.
Pfff, thinking of that makes me a little stressed out already, it’s gonna be a long weekend, i have to catch up with my friends, take care of Coco, prepare for the Purple Party AND make my suitcase for mondaymorning….
I have a reshoot in Hawai, some problem with the dog the client choose for the job i did last week (i told them they had to take Coco instead of this horrible white POEDEL (this one’s for my friends in Belgium, i don’t know how to say Poedel in English, haha!))
I’d better go then
ciao and get to you as soon as i can
love u guys!!!!


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