Google adwords: They should be banished!!

Hey guys, just a rant to vent my frustration…. Google adwords, I hate them!!!

I used to be super busy as one of the world’s most famous banner models, flying all over the world, starring in banners on the world’s most visited sites. … But ever since Google came up with their adwords and “contextual advertising” *beurk* I’ve seen my income plummet… I do seriously mean they should be banned, I mean, they’re just text! They’re so ugly, they add nothing to a webpage. What is more beautifull that a nice banner with a girl like me or one of my colleages? Nothing right?

Man I’d hate to be a starting, young banner model today, those Google adword thinngies are ruining the business.


2 Responses

  1. Hey Jo !

    Did you notice Google AdWords added a “Video” format for content-targeted ads ?

    Why not try and go for a casting, sweetie ?

  2. Really?

    I would love to model in one of those, but I’m afraid I’ll have to remember hundreds of different scripts because of the contextualness of the thing. Maybe a bit much for my lil’ ol’ head.

    Josiane 😉

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