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Vlog 4 U guys
December 29, 2008

Hi guys, staying at my parents’ house tonight so I made a little vlog entry for my fans.


Google adwords: They should be banished!!
December 14, 2008

Hey guys, just a rant to vent my frustration…. Google adwords, I hate them!!!

I used to be super busy as one of the world’s most famous banner models, flying all over the world, starring in banners on the world’s most visited sites. … But ever since Google came up with their adwords and “contextual advertising” *beurk* I’ve seen my income plummet… I do seriously mean they should be banned, I mean, they’re just text! They’re so ugly, they add nothing to a webpage. What is more beautifull that a nice banner with a girl like me or one of my colleages? Nothing right?

Man I’d hate to be a starting, young banner model today, those Google adword thinngies are ruining the business.

Vlog from Hotel Belle Vue
December 1, 2008

Portfolio: some recent work
November 29, 2008

Here’s some banners I did recently, some of these where tough jobs, some where a breeze.

For this one I worked with a great crew, though the make up lady really liked to powder the hell out of me.


This one was great though the shoot took like forever, I think I ate about 150 lollypops on that shoot. And they do really last a long time.


Ah, Lefty’s deodorant, can’t say I really like the smell of it, I prefer 100% natural with Aloë Vera. But I’m booked with the same company again in July to do their Righty’s campaign.


W&H, worked for them before, but then it was for Thermal undies, loved the photographer on that one, Ricardo, such a sweetie.


This is just one of those jobs I took for the salt on my patatjes. They sell animated banners of me on which other companies can than paste their brand and as such associate their brand image with my timeless good looks.


Wow, this train has wifi!
November 28, 2008

i’m sitting on the Thalys back to Paris, i’m happy to leave Holland!!!! The new clients were very very interested and one of them said he will book me for next Red magazine cover, which is terrific!!! My battery is kinda low so i’ll have to switch off my computer now (i forgot my charger in the B&B, can u imagine!!!)so i’ll write more later. Anyway, i’m feeling great, i didn’t have the job i thought i would have coz of this creep Antoine, but at least the go sees went more than well……..Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the Bali job, i feel i deserve it, after Antoine 😉
bye bye sweeties

An emotional roller coaster day. Again.
November 28, 2008

I’m already feeling muuuuuch better, i called Guy again and he told me that guy does that ALL THE TIME!!!!! can you believe it?  all the time!!! he did the same to Caro last week, she came all the way from berlin just to do a casting at his studio and what does that no-good redneck do? Right: he makes her cry!!!!!! And not just the Parisian way of making girls cry, no no no…..he did it the AMERICAN way!!!!And that’s just a thousand times more cruel tha just focussing on the body, as the french like to do, you know,the  americans always play on your age man…i mean….everybody lies about their age. litterally everyone…that’s just how it goes. that’s what it means to be a model. you are simply never your age. and everybody is supposed to play along!! ( apart from the russian newcomers, they never have to lie coz the’re really only 15!)So of course i fill in 21 instead of 26 on the castingsheet!!! helloooooo, that’s absolutely allright!!!  And that Antoine or what his name might be begins to tell all kind of nasty age related things, you know, i’m not even sure i remember all of them coz they were so horrible!! Ifelt so bad when i left the studio, that i ordered a cab to go straight to my B&B….i was compmletely upset, so i took a long bath and i cancelled the go sees!
Luckily today i feel a lot better, i also talked to my mum who always has the right words to make me feel good again. Danku mamake, da had ik echt nodig jong!!!
And now i’ll stop talking about Antoine….although i just can’t believe the things he sais to Caro…. what the hell was he thinking when he told her she should consider looking for a new job? I mean, Caro????? the super top of tops? THE body with a face? What the hell does he think he is? Caro???? Unsuitable for the job? She would just be perfect for ANY kind of job,believe me! He is actually also the guy who caused Josy’s eating disorder!!! telling a 15 year old to eat watermelon the whole day because it so called cleanses the body????That’s just unimaginable, isn’t it….but that were my booker’s words,and i know Guy, he would never tell a lie….although it’s so hard to believe, i mean, everybody knows you have to be careful with watermelons! the’re full of bacteria and they cause severe diahrrea!!! poor girl, she must have felt terrible after eating only watermelon the whole week….i know the “fruit is good” is a lie, i mean, a lot of fruits contain waaaaaaaaaaay to much sugar and are a no no for us, models, but telling someone to concentrate on only one kind of them is sooooooooooo wrong!!! I bet he’s a super frustrated sexless gay, jealous for not having made it in the real fashion world and thus obliged to become “castingdirector”…. please, gimme a break, he will not be into this scene much longer, i tell you he has some seriously bad karma;;;what goes around comes around! How dare he disencourage us and make us feel FFU? (fat, formless and ugly) Doesn’t he realise it takes a lot of effort to be pro, fit and friendly all the time? does he really think you can easily rebuild a bruised ego?
ooooh, i really gotta stop talking i mean writing, about him! He already spoiled my night yesterday, he ain’t going to spoil today too!!
haha, but i’m happy i told you guys all about him, the whole world should know what a creep he is!!!
ooh and thank you for letting me moan about this accident, i feel sooo relieved, i mean, i really really really needed to let it out of my system!
hop, i’m ready for some go and sees….oooh shit, it’s already 9.3O, gotta goooooooooooooooooooooooooo

What a fiasco. Doemme toch!
November 28, 2008

OMG, what an awful day i just had….i don’t even know where to start…..ooh potvolkoffie, i feel bad…..soo bad……………..the casting guy was probably the most unfriendly, terrifying person i ever met in my entire life..i just can’t write about it now, it’s too painful, too    oh God, i don’t know
i just don’t ever ever want to see that creep again
djee, here i am, sitting all by myself
feeling miserable as hell, ooh bastard BASTARD bastard!!!!!!!! i hate him fuckinh haat hem, fok jong, wa nen eikel!!!!!!!!!!!!! allez, mij zoiets aan doen gewoon;

kga der over ophouden, i’m sorry guys for writing in flemish, couldn’t help it, i’m like completely stressed out for the moment
c u tomorrow

November 28, 2008

Just arrived in my hotelroom here in Amsterdam….not exactely the best room they had, as you can see below!!! It’s actually more like a bed and breakfast, but since i’m here for a casting and some go and sees, i have to pay the stay myself, and that means just a little and affordable room in stead of my usual 5 star suites 😉
Yesterday i told you that i hated Amsterdam, but actually there’s one thing i looooove about it: they are fabulous reform stores in town!!!!!!! So in between 2 clients i’ll quickly jump in there to buy my favourite  chinese green tea….ooh and mum, i’ll make sure to buy you some of that wrinkle serum i bought here last time, you know, the one from that whole earth range they only sell in that little shop on the Rozengracht….
I’m off for the moment, i ‘m not going to take a taxi to go and see the new clients, so i still have to go to the bike rentalstore (i use Ron Rental’s, they’re the most reliable in this whole stupid city!!!) which is a few streets from here!
bye bye sweeties, i’ll write some more later tonight…..i’m not planning on going out coz i uploaded my special J.M.Jarre relaxation tunes and i’m really looking forward to have a cozy little night on my own…reading,relaxing and…..blogging, of course!
Hop, off i go, wish me luck….i’m having that veeeeeery important casting and my booker told me the castingdirector is a rather difficult person.
héhé, but i’m armed, got my “bible” with me!!!!

November 28, 2008

I’m sorry i didn’t write the last 3 days, but i was just so tired! the Purple party was awesome, everybody was there: Claudia, Linda, Naomi and Christy represented the “oude garde”, as we say;)))), and all teh tops of my  (way younger generation) were there too:  Hanne, Anouck, Veronica,  and so on….I drank way too much champagne, like 5 glasses in stead of my usual 3!!!! My eyes were completely puffy and super red when i woke up the next morning, i had to use me emergency rescue cream on my whole face!!!! Hope you don’t read this, Guy, i know……i usually only use a few drops, but this time i needed its so badly 😉 i promise i won’t have to use it anymore for the coming weeks, i swear i’ll go to bed early in Hawai!……hihi, Guy thinks this cream causes skin problems, but i’m sure it doesn’t….it’s totally oragnic with fairtrade sheabutter and stuff, it just can’t be bad for you!!!! everybody’s taking it, so!!!!!
So here i am now, the last evening of my supershort Hawai stay, and more than happy to leave….the re-shoot was a piece of cake, i could choose my own make up coz Annabel was there to do my skin and she’s like the ebst of the best!!! Pat and Peter, eat your heart out!!!! She’s always super nice to me, that’s why i asked to work with her there, you know, she’s also into this indian medicine cards and knows tarot like no one else!!!! it’s just so cool to travel with her, she also read The Secret and so we talk about that book for hours and hours in the plane and on the way to the locations and stuff like that, it’s great to have someone like her around, you know, when you’re always gone from home, it’s soooo important to have nice people around you, i mean, it’s like they give you energy and stuff and that’s veeeeeeery important!
She also makes me laugh coz she ‘s into this new karmareading interiordesign thing, but i’m not sure it’s as effective as my good old feng shui, you know….you should see her, always changing the furniture of the hotelroom in the completely wron,g way, and then i have to re-do it everytime, coz she wakes up with headaches the first day!!! hihi, that’s so cute, she is so naive and believes all this things people write in books and all!!!! Hey Annabel,don’t get mad at me, okay, i wrote this coz i really really love u ok, i think you’re great the way you are, just stay like that!!!!!!
Gotta go to bed, i forgot my favourite candles in Paris, so i wanted to buy some over here, but believe me, this country is like soooooooooooo not up with us, i mean, it’s like they still live in 2006 or so, i just couldn’t find any nice candle all over Waikiki!!!! The only thing they had were this cheap, fake natural but oooh so chemical FRUIT smelling ones. Can you imagine? a FRUIT smelling candle????? OMG, i thought i would collapse when i entered the 5the shop…..Djee, can you believe that? I bet they make you asthmatic and all!!!!
Luckily i found some organic incense instead, which is not the same, i know, but at least it’s sandalwood, and that reminds me a bit of home too (i use sometimes it in my bathroom to relax when i take a bath….)
Tomorrow i’ll fly back to Paris wher i will take the Thalys to Amsterdam the next day, i have a super important casting and some go and sees to do since i changed agencies and the new one works with a lot of clients i haven’t met yet….so these are my plans for the coming days, i think i will stay in Holland for 2 days and then take 1 day off in Paris. I’ll be like so completely exhausted that i will need a good day of rest!!!! I’m not exactely looking forward to go to Amsterdam, i f*ing hate that city, but hey, i feel really positive and strong after yesterday’s meditationsession with Annabel….yeah!!!! i’m gonna get the job in Amsterdam, i just know it!!!!!!!
Yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!!
oooh, it’s so nice to feel like this again, thank you Annabel, i looooooooove u!!!
bye bye peeps!

I hate castings.
November 28, 2008

The castings went terribly wrong yesterday, i got so lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know, it’s stupid, but it wasn’t my fault! Guy sent me the adresses on my i phone, but i had no access to my mails, so i had to call the agency for the right streetnames but Guy had already left and so i had his assistent, but his english is so bad, you know, like real french people’s english, just not understandable at all! So i got an adress which sounded like the real adress, but wasn’t the real adress, u see?
Anyway, i arrived more than 1 hour late, and the client was totally pissed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope i will still get the job, it’s a super commercial (i know, i told you guys last week that i hate doing commercial work, but this time it’s difefrent, it’s like with a great great GREAT artist….no, i’m not gonna tell you who it is, i’ll let you know when the job’s confirmed….IF it gets confirmed….ooooh please please please, let me have it and not some other girl!!!!! please guys, cross you fingers!!!!!)
anyway, it’s a commercial and it’s shot in Bali!!!!!! I just love Bali and i have’nt been there this year, so i think i really deserve it!! I swear, it’s a fan tas tic place, it’s just perfect for meditatio between 2 shoots, you know….I always ask to go to the same resort, they have the best hotel ever ever there!!!!! I just love Australia!!! it’s so weird, no…..i mean, they are australian and still not everybody understands english there! You have a lot of immigrants everywhere these days….
Anyway, i’m so excited, i really WANT the job, i simply need to go to that dream resort again! hmmmmmmmmmmm, i remember the delicious food (everything low fat!!!!), great fruits, their fantastic spa and their fabulous fitness!!!!! ooooh, i can’t wait for the answer to come, OMG!!!!!!!!!
I’ll call Carlos, my trainer this afternoon, because if i have the job, i gotta look better than ever, so i need some additional exercises…..
Anyow, i’m in a super hurry, i’m meeting mum for lunch today, and i have to go to the agency afterwards, to get all my details for next weeks job.
Pfff, thinking of that makes me a little stressed out already, it’s gonna be a long weekend, i have to catch up with my friends, take care of Coco, prepare for the Purple Party AND make my suitcase for mondaymorning….
I have a reshoot in Hawai, some problem with the dog the client choose for the job i did last week (i told them they had to take Coco instead of this horrible white POEDEL (this one’s for my friends in Belgium, i don’t know how to say Poedel in English, haha!))
I’d better go then
ciao and get to you as soon as i can
love u guys!!!!