Gay Pawee.

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Arrived in Paris at 7 this morning and feeling terrible. I just couldn’t get to sleep coz of this lobster they served at dinner. i only eat GRILLED seafood you know, but in the plane it was just cooked (now, how boring can that be?), and that tasted sooooooooo disgusting, Coco wouldn’t even eat it! But i had to, you know, i left the salad allready coz i’m sure it wasn’t washed properly and off course i didn’t eat any of the bread (can you imagine, it’s 2008 and they still don’t serve dark bread in first class!Is there nobody of the Air France chefs that realises white bread is a real no no?…..oooh, that’s another hard thing you know, i’m always travelling from here to there, going all over the world and i just NEED  decent food when i travel!!! On shootings it’s more or less ok, but on planes, i swear, it’s never so healthy!!! and good food is soooooooooooo important! That’s why i’m in this raw-food trip too now, it’s just great! good for the skin and it doesn’t make you fat!!!! veeery important for a model ;)!!! Luckily i went to my favourite raw-food restaurant for lunch…i saw Inge and David, they were in town for a few days, shooting for Vogue with Nick!
I was really happy to see them, although Inge looked a little fatter than last time we worked together on the Seychelles…guess she changed personal trainer again! I swear, that’s soooo hard to find, a good coach!! and so precious for us, i mean, we have to be fit all the time and look good and skinny, it’s soooo hard, you just can’t do that on your own! everybody has one now, i wonder how the girls from the east do it, you know, in the beginning they just can’t afford one, that must be awful!!!
After lunch i went to Karl to do a quick fitting of the dress i’m going to wear at the Purple Party, and it was just so exhausting! I had to try on more than 5 different versions befor we finally agreed on THE dress, i’m going to look stunning, i promise you! He also made a special outfit for Coco, so we could both party in style….I’m so happy i will see hime again tonite, i missed him so much in Brazil…poor dog, it’s such a shame he doesn’t like planes 😦

Anyway, i really gotta go now, i have 1more casting before i have dinner with my mum tonite!! i’m so happy, she came to see me for the weekend!!!
hugs and kisses


Almost out of this hell-hole.

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Helooooooooooooooo!!!! I have half an hour to go before check in, cool! I’m so happy!!! this first class flying is waaaaaaaaay much easier, it’s fantastic man!!!I can shop till like 5 minutes before the plain actually leaves because we get like a lot of privileges and stuff. That’s just soooo cool!
Oh, and i also called my agency to complain about the incapability of Esther, the make up girl, you know,i think it’s very important to give positive feedback whenever it is necessary, but i’m not a liar, so i couldn’t act as if everything had been fine, you know, i’m super professional and i like to be surrounded by pro’s too, coz when you work your ass of like me, that’s just veeery important! so i told everything to Guy, my personal booker and he told me he would never put me on a job again with her! So nice of him, you know, to understand this shit and stuff, i love him so much, he’s  the best booker i’ve ever had!! ( Hey, Vic,Sam,Françoise and Lulu, i love you too guys, i was just talking about my Mother agency, no worries, u guys and girls are the best too ;))
Anyway, i am leaving you guys here, i have 15 minutes left to shop and i AB SO LOU TELY need to buy this 8hour cream for my lips and some body cream or i won’t survive the trip!

I feel down.

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Djee, had to wake up soooooooooooo early today coz of this stupid extensions i had to get out….i’m sure the make up artist (pffffffff, artist, my ass!) used the wrong glue to fix them, coz i just couldn’t get them out normally!!! can u imagine, i had to use oil from the hotel to get them out, and normally i use only pure almond oil with a few drops of lavender essentials, you know…my hair is extremely precious to me and it gets so fluffy if i use normal oil!!! But the almond oil just didn’t work, the extension glue was waaaaaaaaaaaaay to strong, so here i am, with a head stinking of this cheap brazilian motor oil, aaargh, i feel terrible!!! I have a plane to catch in 2 hours, but i can’t go out like this, can I?
ooh, i wish i was home now, i’m so sick and tired of being treated like shit all the time…i miss my mum soooooo much :(((((((((
it’s all so unfair: here i am, in this stupid hotelroom in Rio, with greasy hair and puffy eyes of all the crying….what am i supposed to do now?
ooh i’m sorry guys, i know i should be happy and gratefull ans stuff like that, you know, Brazil is beautiful, i know and shooting with Terry is awesome, but sometimes it’s all just too much!
anyway, i gotta start packing, the chauffeur will be here soon….wish me a good trip,it’s a long way from here to Paris you know….if i find some time i’ll get back at you in the airport,okay? i’ll try to be in better spirits then 😉

Home sweet home. Almost.

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Gisternavond na de shoot direct in slaap gevallen(jet laaaag!!!) en geen tijd gehad om het hier ewa gezellig te maken…OOOps, i’m doin it again, i’m soo sorry, i keep on writing in flemish,it’s because of the jetlag i swear, i’m so exhausted i can’t even think in english anymore…but i’ll do my best! i promise…..
so where was i, oh yes….my hotelroom.. i know i’ll stay only for 3 days, but i just HAVE to personalise my room…i do it all the time you know, i ju!st need to have my stuff around me…as i’m travelling all over the world all the time, i’m always in need of some comfy homey feeling, you know what i mean? It’s super important for me, i would go berzerk if i couldn’t put my personal accessoires in my room! soI just came in quickly between two pictures and put my picture frames on top of my nachtkastje, close to my bed…i put them on the table right before that, but that felt so wrong, it was completely not feng shui coz it made me feel a little out of touch, so i changed their position and it really felt muuuuch better after that. Good vibes galore!!!Then i put ouit my little buddha, you know the one withe the elephant head and put my four scented candles around it….

I have a Youtube account.

September 29, 2008 - Leave a Response

Hello Ladies en Jestepijs!

What’s up? I’ve been toying with my new laptop lately and discovered it has a built-in webcam which allows me to videoblogging, or vloggin, or whatever it’s called these days. So I opened a Joetuup’ account, which is here.

Here’s a few videos of my and my brother goofing off at our parents’ house 🙂

Rio de Janeiro, et cette conne fait plus de bruit que tout les cymbales, du carnaval

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Toegekomen in Rio en al direct ruzie gemaakt met de receptioniste…da’s altij tzelfde, kzeer het u, ik kom hier wel om te werken hé, ni om plezier te maken quoi…..dus als de klant mij samen met de maquilleuse in een en dezelfde kamer zet, awel dan zeg ik nee!!Halloooo, om 6 uur moeten opstaan omdat madam haren Babyliss al moet insteken, of geen plaats hebben om mijnen ipod en mijn boxkes ergens deftig te zetten omdat madam elke morgen opnieuw al haar schmink moet klaarzetten, ja dag zenne!!Ik heb trouwens echt mijn 8 uur nodig, of ik zie er s’anderendaags ni uit quoi. en kwestie van privacy is da ook ni echt tof eih, zo’n kamer delen!
Dus voilà, ikke direct een eigen kamer gevraagd, maar alles zat zogezegd vol (tzal wel, de modeweek is al lang voorbij, dacht die trut nu echt da’k van gisteren ben ofwa?)het ging echt ni anders, allez, zever alom quoi. Maar ni me mij zenne! de dees hier heeft direct naar haar bureau gebeld om haar beklag te doen en nog geen 10 minuten derna had ik mn eigen kamer!!!! Merci Guy, ge zijt nen engel!