Portfolio: some recent work
November 29, 2008

Here’s some banners I did recently, some of these where tough jobs, some where a breeze.

For this one I worked with a great crew, though the make up lady really liked to powder the hell out of me.


This one was great though the shoot took like forever, I think I ate about 150 lollypops on that shoot. And they do really last a long time.


Ah, Lefty’s deodorant, can’t say I really like the smell of it, I prefer 100% natural with AloĆ« Vera. But I’m booked with the same company again in July to do their Righty’s campaign.


W&H, worked for them before, but then it was for Thermal undies, loved the photographer on that one, Ricardo, such a sweetie.


This is just one of those jobs I took for the salt on my patatjes. They sell animated banners of me on which other companies can than paste their brand and as such associate their brand image with my timeless good looks.